I created this guide because I was struggling with my own nutrition and didn't want to turn to dieting.


I wanted to create a solution that replaced dieting, that allowed me to enjoy the foods that I love while also nourishing my body.

I believe that eating well doesn't have to be boring or restrictive, and I also don't believe that you need to make substitutions for your favorite foods in order to make them "healthy".

I believe that you can still eat the things that you love without feeling bad or guilty.

And I created this guide so that I had something I could refer back to when I've taken a break from eating well.

This is for you if...

...you want to begin eating well

...you're tired of feeling like crap

...you want to develop a better relationship to food

...you want to eat well without feeling restricted

...you feel confused and lost when it comes to eating well

What you can expect from this guide:

- Experience a sense of food freedom

- Develop a better relationship to food

- A way to eat well while still enjoying your favorite foods

- Feel better overall

- Feel confident in your food choices